a castle

started on the texture

ramp up to a castle gate

closer view of the entrance

birdseye view of a castle

View of the whole castle

In these I have started work on the texture of the walls. I drew it all from scratch. The tiling still needs a little work and I would like to sort out the regularity of the repeat.

Images created 2012





adding more detail into the geometry

This is very much work in progress and I haven’t really tweaked the lighting.

I am just building the geometry and have added some more detail around the battlements. I have also added the ramp and the beginnings of the drawbridge


a castle

working on the geometry of the castle

I am working on building a castle. I will post some images as a go along.  I have just started work on the geometry of the castle and the landscape in this one.

Image created 2012

Envelope Angel®

envelope angel - envelope reuse labels

envelope angel® envelope reuse labels by Blue Marmalade

This is a pre-production rendering of Blue Marmalade’s envelope angel®.

My colleague did the graphic work and I did the rendering.

For more info see:

Image created 2007

copyright Blue Marmalade Ltd. 2007

Conway Furniture

detail of a bedside table

Corner detail of a bedside table

detail of a wooden chest

Top of a wooden chest showing a coloured detail.

detail of the legs of a hall table

detail of the stretchers in a hall table

This was part of a set of furniture designs Blue Marmalade® produced for Conway Furniture Reclaim. The details was rendered to give a feeling of craftsmanship.
Image created 2006
copyright Blue Marmalade Ltd. 2006


Detail of a sporran

Detail of a polypropylene sporran

This is an image we created for a competition entry.

The idea was a very contemporary sporran made form printed frosted polypropylene.

Image created 2005

copyright Blue Marmalade Ltd. 2005


a sheep


This was a bit of fun, rendered for a colleague’s leaving card. He was moving to New Zealand.

Image created 2003

Display Cabinet

Display cabinet design

Speculative display cabinet design


This was experimental design for a display cabinet.

I seem to have gone a bit overboard with the reflections and the size of the wall texture.

Image created 2003

Standing Lamp

A standing Lamp

Oddly Wonderful Lamp – OWL

One of the final year pieces for my degree course. The idea behind the lamp is the adjustability of the paper shade. By adjusting the weight in the middle the shade moves in and out making it flatter or more 3 dimensional. This also adjusts the amount of light that is emitted.

Image created 2001


adjustable computer workstation

a computer workstation
Height adjustable workstation

This is one of the final year projects for my degree course. The idea was a Computer workstation at which one could work standing up and sitting down and switch between the two easily.  So lifting the keyboard desk automatically adjusts the tilt of the screen to suit.
Image created 2001


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